YouTube Live Chat Guidelines

Welcome to the Sierra Bravo TV YouTube Live Chat!

We are a family-friendly and relaxed live streaming channel. Viewers of all ages watch the shows!

To ensure that everyone has a positive experience, we’ve put together some guidelines for participating in the live chat. Please read and follow these simple guidelines to help maintain a family-friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants.

1. Be Respectful: Treat others with kindness and respect. Avoid any form of hate speech, harassment, bullying, or personal attacks. Disagreements are okay, but keep the conversation civil and constructive.

2. Stay on Topic: We’re here to share our love for flying! Steer clear of controversial or sensitive topics not directly related to aviation. Keep the conversation focused on aviation-related subjects. No personal or off-topic comments which can disrupt the experience for others.

3. Language and Tone: We are a family-friendly YouTube channel and children do watch the show. Use appropriate language and maintain a positive tone. ABSOLUTELY NO profanity, innuendo (including short-form), offensive language, and any content that could be considered disrespectful. English language only.

4. Avoid Caps Lock and Excessive Punctuation: Using excessive capitalization or punctuation can be perceived as shouting and may disrupt the chat. Please communicate in a calm and considerate manner.

5. Respect Privacy: Do not share personal information, including your own or others’. This is to protect everyone’s privacy and safety.

6. Moderators’ Decisions: Our moderators are here to ensure a positive environment. Follow their instructions and respect their decisions. They have the final say in what is allowed and what is not and have been given the green light to ban anyone who does not adhere to the guidelines.

7. Be Patient: Sometimes, due to the volume of comments, the hosts or moderators might not be able to respond to every comment. Please be patient and understanding.

9. Enjoy and Learn: Above all, have fun! This is a space to celebrate aviation and learn from fellow aviation enthusiasts.


If you are interested in becoming a moderator for the channel, please click on the link below to be taken to our Moderator Interest Form and submit the completed form. Thank you!

Channel Moderator Interest Form